Can we take today's current trend of living more sustainably and make it a lasting movement by making it a part of our daily lives? I don't just mean something to advance towards, but actually make it part of our daily routine.

The 3/50 Project looks to help people accomplish this. They promote spending $50 at three locally owned stores every month. This spending of $150 locally each month, includes shopping for your food. People can accomplish this is several ways; by buying foods at their local farmer's markets, by visiting small farms and buying produce or proteins directly from producers, or through patronizing local restaurants that prepare meals using locally grown foods. Additionally, understanding the benefits to our health of eating locally, and combining it with positively impacting our local economies, makes The 3/50 Project a great asset for sustainable farmers to market their foods locally and to continue to provide alternative food sources to the public. Thus, the 3/50 Project could be one tool in leading sustainable farming into the future trend of living sustainably.

post by Eric Beiter

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